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Arturo's lecture topics

The 2020-2021 Financial Crisis: Life After (During) Coronavirus

Digital Finance and the Future of the Monetary System

Crashing the Walls: Lessons in Social Mobility

Smart Cities: How Can Technology Improve People’s Quality of Life

Flex or Fail: The Future of Work and Pay

The Global Economy: Outlook and Challenges

Blockchain and the Token Economy

Featured talks

TEDx Talk
February 20, 2023

The New Era of Jobs and Pay

World Government Summit 2023
February 20, 2023

How Will The World Order Change This Decade?

World Government Summit 2023
February 20, 2023

Data Driven Behavior: is it a myth

Orchestrating Winning Performance 2023 Singapore
February 20, 2023

The Price of Our Values: Sustainability, Technology and Growth

Thailand National Competitiveness Conference 2019
December 16, 2020

“Adopting Technology for National Competitiveness”, Bangkok, July 2019

Orchestrating Winning Performance Lausanne
December 16, 2020

“Walls, a World Perspective”, Lausanne, June 2019

Committee for Economic Development of Australia
December 16, 2020

Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Sydney: “2020: Economic and Political Overview”, February 2020.

Thailand Management Association Bangkok
December 16, 2020

Thailand Management Association, Bangkok: “Post Covid Economy: What’s in it for Businesses”, July 2020

Kyiv International Economic Forum Annual Meeting
December 16, 2020

“The Competitiveness Challenge of Ukraine and the World Economic Outlook”, Kyiv, October 2018


“A truly great delivery… the entire content was delivered with great style, that was, most importantly, backed up by a lot of substance. It became obvious from the get go why this is a faculty is in the top 1%.”

“Great explanation with lot of dry humor. Wonderful to see how Arturo brings theory alive. ”

“Prof. Bris managed to stay away from too much technical issues and focused rightly on the conceptual issues. ”

“Fantastic lecture and very relevant content.”

“A session like no other! Mind opener and heavy weight content. An impressive professor, moderator that connected us with the content.”

“Arturo is a Rock Star. It was great.”

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be in Prof. Arturo’s session. It was both a privilege and a pleasure.”

“I simply loved this session. The content was clear and very well delivered.”

“It’s always a pleasure to listen Prof. Bris. He gave a clear perspective of the subject in a very insightful way.”

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